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Some old pictures

I decided to post some older pictures of my berry game, about Awasemiso once again (if anyone remembers him).


* * *

He and Crystal Ray got married under the stars.

Then they gazed upon those twinkling lights. Aren’t they just cute together?


Here’s their house. It’s not built by me, it can be downloaded here. I just re-decorated it.


And as always in my Sims’ families, Crystal got pregnant.

The baby is already born now, she’s called Sea Fizz. Maybe some pictures of her later.


* * *

Then there was this teenage gnome, and I just had to take a picture of it.

Shiromiso & Mamemiso as young adults

I got tired of having the second set of twins living at home in my Nightsong game, so I aged them up into young adults and moved them out of the active family house. They did grow up to be quite beautiful, even if I say so myself.

* * *


* * *


* * *

At the moment Mame is married to Maize Treacle (a Sim from altheaquin), and they’re expecting a baby.

* * *

I’ll be uploading Shiro and Mame to the Exchange at some point, it just hasn’t worked for me in the couple of past weeks so well, I haven’t been able to upload much of anything there. If it continues that way, I’ll just upload them to Mediafire instead.

This and that part three – aka the Nightsong family

The first set of twins grew up.

Hatchomiso (Awasemiso in the back)

Akamiso and her imaginary friend Taffy

* * *

Children playing

Akamiso, the princess

Komemiso, the prince

In the treehouse

Joy ride and the queen

Submarine adventure


* * *

Kome in his bunkbed

* * *

And Kome again – he just looks so good in pictures ;)

* * *

The bachelorette party

* * *

Coming next: The Wedding!

The Nightsong Family

I made Purple Rose to test out the Generations EP, and since it is directed toward toddlers and children, I made her to get pregnant twice, the second time she got twins. They turned out to be pretty cute, so I thought I’d share them. And since Purple Rose is a Berry Sweet Sim, and the ‘father’ (actually it’s a female Sim as well) is one of them, too, the kids are Berry Sims as well.

I use missy harries‘ default skin tones in my game, so if you want the skins to look the same as in these pictures, go grab them. I mostly used the stuff that came with the Generations EP, but some hairs are by Lotus/NewSea, some clothes by Anubis360, eyebrows by Watermelon, make-up by KittyKlan (face contouring blush) & emmz, Kome’s shoes are from Club Crimsyn. I also use Twoftmama’s More Traits for Babies mod, so some of the kids’ traits might be from it, I can’t remember anymore which ones there’d be in the game without it.

I also didn’t change the hair colour of the kids after they were born, they have the colour that they inherited from their parents and grandparents and so on (I use Twallan’s Story Progression, too, and it has advanced genetics in it). And I also have no idea if the Imaginary Friend will transfer with them or not, they had them in their inventory when I saved them, but one never knows. Komemiso can walk, talk and use potty, he’s also mastered the Xylophone and the Blocks, the other two can use the potty, and Hatchomiso can walk.

I’d appreciate, if anyone who downloads these would let me know if there are any problems with them. Since they’re made after I installed the Generations, it can always be that there might be something weird going on with them.

* * *

Purple Rose

Childish, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Flirty, Hopeless Romantic

Custom Music, Cookies, Lilac


* * *


Childish, Artistic

Chinese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Spiceberry


* * *


Adventurous, Hot-Headed

Chinese, Falafel, Turquoise


* * *


Hopeless Romantic, Heavy Sleeper

Egyptian, Key Lime Pie, Orange


* * *

Downloading this family is off for the moment, I’ll be uploading them again at some point.

(from Mediafire, in zip-format, you’ll need something to open it with, like 7zip)