I got bored the other day, and since I already have couple of blogs for my Sims Stories, I decided to make one to show my sims as well. So this blog is basically about the sims I’ve made with The Sims 3 game. I may ramble aimlessly in between sharing the pictures.

I’ve had The Sims 3 from the summer 2010, so I’m not a long time Sims-gamer. I am a long time gamer though, mostly I play cRPGs these days. But ever since I bought the S3, I’ve been swept away with it, spending far too many hours creating sims and playing the game. And after I got into writing stories – well it just multiplied the time spent with the game.

I love writing stories, and I love taking pictures from games (and from rl too). So making Sims Stories is something I enjoy tremendously. I also love reading other people’s stories, and when I’m not making my own (or busy with other stuff), I end up spending a lot of time reading stories others have made from the S3 game about their sims.

Hmm, does that make me a sim-a-holic?

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