Nutmeg Nightsong

This is Nutmeg Nightsong, a third generation game born Berry Sweet Sim. Her grandparents from her father’s side were made by me, her mother is an imaginary friend that I remade in CAS.

Family-Oriented, Hot-Headed, Neat, Artistic, Equestrian


Lifetime Wish: Master the Painting Skill

Her eyebrows are from Watermelon (I think)

In the pictures she has the default skin I use in my game, and Fawkes skintone.

She also may have the chin cleft slider that I use, so you need it if you want to change her features in CAS.


The file is .sim format, so you have to put it in the SavedSims -folder.

One response to “Nutmeg Nightsong

  • jadeleine

    Tää on niin hauska haaste. Rainbowcy on pisin legacy mihin oon ikinä yltänyt, 5 kokonaista sukupolvea aikuisuuteen asti. Pitäsköhän alottaa uudestaan…

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