Pets is on its way – and there’s trouble in Paradise

According to this post at the MTS, the new patch that comes with The Pets is trouble – it makes most of the CC that has slots or that is interactive with the Sims unusable. I pre-ordered The Pets to get the extra content, but it seems I won’t be playing it until the trouble is solved somehow. It also seems that I will have to let most of my CC go, unless every single creator that I have downloaded it from updates all their creations – and that is a LOT CC. I don’t envy the creators one bit, they’ll have a hell of a time with this. Especially the ones that have made tremendous amount of Buy & Build mode stuff.

I was so waiting for this expansion, but might have as well known things were going to get difficult. The thing that bothers me the most is that it will affect my stories. I guess I should try to end at least one of them before installing the EP and the patch. Probably going to kiss goodbye to my LC as well, just going to crab the Sims to the bin and maybe continue with them in some other form.

At least I have the patch 1.24 saved on my computer, if I need to I can always revert back to it – and re-install the game once again. *sigh*

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