Hiatus with my English Stories

I know I haven’t updated my stories that I write in English for a long time. Mostly it is due to the difficulties I’ve had with the game recently, but also the fact that I started finally to write a story for my own language, that is in Finnish, and it has taken my interest lately. I do have half of the pictures taken to Destiny Lost’s next chapter, but I still need the other half to be able to post it. Unless I decide to make it a really short chapter – and I mean really short.

I am also afraid of trying to open the saves I used to take the pictures for DL, because I am not sure if they will open, or if they are too corrupted to be used. Then I would have to build it all again, uh.  But those stories are not completely forgotten, I wish I can continue them at some point. Although DL and Beth’s story is already near its end in the form it is in that story. I am actually thinking that the next chapter might be the last one. Unfortunately I have continued that story in my Finnish story, and have not planned on writing it also in English – although I might do that, after all I already have the pictures for it.

Also studying takes its toll, and at the moment I am starting my Master’s Degree study, so even though how much I’d like to be writing Sims’ stories all day long, it is not possible anymore. Maybe when I have my Christmas break I can once again produce something. :)

P.S. I’ve also started to learn how to make CC for The Sims 3 – yeah I know, like I wouldn’t have enough things to do otherwise already. ;p

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