My Simself – Marya Isidor


I’ve posted some pictures of this Sim before to this blog, but I thought to give the link where she can be downloaded also.

Marya Isidor

Childish, Hot-Headed, Bookworm, Excitable, Perfectionist

Capricorn, Irish Green, Indie (and can’t remember what I chose for her favorite food, will add it here later)



Skin tone: Moonshadow fantasy non-default skintones by jmtmom from Garden of Shadows
Hair: Diva from ClubCrimsyn & The Sims Artists Union/Natural Wawy by MYOS
Eyebrows: Under Your Brows Set by HystericalParoxysm from Mod the Sims
Tattoo: Ankh Tattoos by Astrae Nevermore from Mod the Sims
Eyeshadow: Misty Eyeshadow by emmzx from Mod the Sims
Eyeliner: Set of 6 Winged Glamorous Eyeliners by emmzx from Mod the Sims
Beauty Mark: 8 New Beauty Marks by daluved1 from Mod the Sims
Blush: SoftGLO Face Contouring Blush by KittyKlan

Everyday clothes:
– T-Shirt by Robodl95 from Mod the Sims
– Pants from the Sims 3 Store (Rawk N Rebel)
– Shoes & Bracelets from Club Crimsyn
– Oval Glasses by Kiara24 from Mod the Sims

– Top & skirt by Kiara24 from Mod the Sims
– Pantyhoses from lilisims

– Top from lilisims
– Bottom from LorandiaSims

– Top from LorandiaSims
– Bottom from lilisims

Also using one of the hairs from the Outdoor Living Stuff and formal outfit shoes from Fast Lane Stuff I think.

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