The Band Sisters

I wanted to try out the band thing in the Sims 3 Late Night, and made couple of new Sims for it. I called their band (unimaginatively) Basic Instinct.

Kelly Keaton, older of the sisters

Lisa Keaton, the younger and more outgoing (which basically means she’s flirty and party animal)

The girls practicing at their home

And playing at the clubs

I wanted to put them up for downloading as well, but then too late realized I had made them basing on a vampire I had in CAS (that didn’t look like one in CAS), and so they might be bugged. They’re not vampires, but they still have the fangs, and even when I’ve tried to use Twallan’s Master Controller to remove the vampirism from them, I can’t get rid of the fangs. Even removing all the caches (even the world caches) didn’t help. So I guess they’re stuck with those sharp teeth forever. So I decided against on sharing them. I’m still playing with them, and hoping that their saved games won’t get corrupted because of it.

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