Zavkovsky Family

My legacy family, the Zavkovskys. I continued playing with them recently, and the fourth generation was born (little Isabeau and her baby brother).

The second generation heir, Violetta, as an adult

Her husband Chadrick as an elder, with their son Lucas (a teen in this picture)

The third generation heir Leo as a teen (his father is Shark Racket)


Lynda, Lucas’ twin sister

Violetta’s birthday party, she’s becoming an elder

Lot of family in this picture, Violetta’s younger brother Jason is dancing, Leo’s dad’s niece in the light blue dress – and Leo himself in the back chatting with the girl with mohawk hairdo (this is an important knowledge for later…)

…because that young girl became Leo’s wife and the mother of the fourth generation.

Maxine as teen

and as a young adult

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