Old English Manor House

Something I’ve been working for some time now. Not yet finished, I need to place it on a bigger lot and build the surroundings to portray the Victorian era as well. I have tried to decorate the manor as it would have been in that era, using pictures from the Internet as reference. Everything might not be quite right, though, since it’s sometimes difficult to get the right kind of furniture to suit the atmosphere, so I’ve taken some liberties to use stuff that is close enough (I hope). I’ve also taken some artistic liberties what comes to the textures (walls, floors etc.) and used them the way that felt right and seemed right.


The Hall


The Greatroom


The Dining Room


The Kitchen


The Greenery


The Salon / Hobby Room


The Bathroom


The Water Closet


This is just the first floor of the Manor, I’ll be posting some pictures of the second floor as well, but at the moment the pictures are on another computer, and I have no access to it right now.

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