Tau is a Sim that I’ve done late 2010 for my story Sara’s Life. He’s not wearing much of CC at all, only things that came with expansions and stuff packs.


Flirty, Commitment Issues, Daredevil, Charismatic, Athletic

Spice Brown

Tau’s father was a military man, who lived only for his work — to the day when he was killed when he got too far (read all about it from my story, if you want to know more). Tau’s mother is an Egyptian (even though he lied about it at one point, claiming it’s his dad who’s from Egypt — he does that sometimes). His parents broke up when he was little, and he was raised by neighbours while his father was working. He only met his mother during short holidays.


– HiDEF Face Contouring Blush from KittyKlan
– he also has contact lens eyes, can be found from MTS, but you can use what eyes you wish (since I don’t remember which one they are)

Otherwise he’s only wearing EA stuff. You need all expansions and stuff packs if you want him to wear what he’s wearing. His hair came with LateNight I think, same with the stubble.

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