Maxine is one of my favourite Sims. Probably because there’s a lot of story behind her. She’s also one of the first Sims to be born in my game, and the first (and till now also the only one) to be killed by an accident. She was hit by a meteorite when she was a child, and was the first ever ghost Sim I had in my households. Her parents, especially her mother, was so devastated of her early departure, that she took her to the science lab to get resurrected as a ghost.

Her father is a Sim I made in CAS, his name is Drago Leon. Her mother is an EA Sim Rhoda Bagley from Riverview.

Drago had an interesting start in game. He had to get as many women pregnant as possible due to a reason. That reason was his background story. He was supposed to be immortal, but only as long as he managed to get as much offspring as possible, with as many women as possible. He had moved to Riverview from another (unknown) town, where he had lots and lots of kids, but he was not welcomed there anymore (what a surprise ;) ). So he had to start all over again.

The first woman he seduced and got pregnant was of course Rhoda. It wasn’t love in first sight, though, he managed to get several other women in town also pregnant. It was only after Maxine was born, and already a toddler, when he realized he couldn’t go on like that anymore. He was spending an awful lot of time with Maxine at Rhoda’s family’s home, which meant he was around Rhoda, too. Long story short, he decided it was time to give up his immortality for love, so he proposed Rhoda, and they moved in together. They got married a little after that. It took a long time for him to tell her about his origins, though.

Maxine has always had a special place in Drago’s heart, being his and Rhoda’s first born. So the meteorite episode shook the groundings of the family for a long time, and Rhoda denied every request from the children when they wanted to get a telescope, because that was the reason for the meteorite – or so Rhoda thought.

Maxine lived her childhood and teenage years as a ghost. Her parents did everything they could for her to make her life as normal as possible, but of course it wasn’t easy. She either got teased and bullied at school, or then the other kids were afraid of her. There was only one boy that liked to spend time with her, he was the local farmer’s son, Maximus McDermott. And when they were teens, they became an item.

All the time Drago and Rhoda worked to get her the elixir of the gods, Ambrosia, because there was knowledge of its powers to raise the dead. And finally they managed to prepare it when Maxine had grown into adulthood. She became a living person once again.

Maxine with her mother, Rhoda.

Rhoda and Drago have six children together, and 11 grandchildren, two of the grandchildren are Maxine’s daughters Miranda and Maya with Maximus – they got married after Maxine had stopped being a ghost. Miranda has already moved away from home and gotten married, and she has a son named Karim – so Rhoda and Drago are already great-grandparents.

More pictures of this family coming soon.

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